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Smile and Save the Planet

Our natural bamboo toothbrush is made from sustainably sourced materials and features a fully biodegradable and compostable handle.

  • Plant-Based

  • Sustainable

  • Socially Responsible

  • Eco-Friendly

Help save the planet

We can all do something to reduce our plastic, waste and live more eco-friendly lives.


Make the change

Make a simple change that can have a positive impact on our planet. Swap your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one.


The Strive Vision

We love our planet and want to do all we can to help it heal to ensure our future.


S A V I N G  T H E  W O R L D  O N E  B R U S H  A T  A  T I M E

Customers Reviews


I've been using these brushes for months now. The swap from plastic to bamboo is one of the easiest things ever.

I'll never go back to plastic brushes.


Jeanette Morris

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Sign up to our subscription service and get your Strive toothbrush sent directly to your home every 3-6 months.


I signed up to the subscription service and every few months I get a new brush delivered. I can't fault their service at all.


Mike Wilkinson

Designed in England

We're committed to creating eco-friendly products that anyone can easily use and incorporate into their everyday living.


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