8 Incredible Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gifts

Christmas shopping, it be rather stressful, but also a whole lot of fun. There’s certainly joy to be had when selecting gifts that you know your family and friends will love, even if the process itself can be challenging.

That said, many of us are also concerned about the potential impact that our purchases may have on the environment, which can make things even more difficult if yourself or those you’re gifting too have a strong environmental conscience.

This is certainly the case for us here at Strive, which is why we’ve put together this blog of eight environmentally friendly Christmas gifts for you to consider this festive season.

#1: Sprout Plantable Pencils

This gift is ideal for the artist and kids in your life, these pencils are 100% environmentally friendly and contain no lead. What’s more, they’re capable of sprouting into a range of flowers, plants, herbs and even vegetables.

Once the pencil gets too short to use, simply pop them into a pot and watch them sprout.

#2: Audible Subscription

An Audible subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who loves reading and hates waste.

While many of us love a good book to get stuck into, sometimes we’re not always able to take the time out to read. This is where audiobooks come in. With a range of classic novels, new releases and undiscovered writers to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Because this is a 100% digital subscription, there is no paper waste.

#3: Dryer Buddies

Traditional dryer sheets aren’t particularly great for the environment, but Dryer Buddies can be reused over and over again while leaving your clothes soft and static-free without excess waste.

You can get these little guys in a range of different designs such as hedgehogs, cacti, and pufferfish!

#4: Bamboo Travel Utensil Sets

If you’re on the lookout for a zero-waste present for the frequent traveller, then a bamboo travel utensil set is an excellent option for the environmentally conscious.

These sets come with spoons, forks, knives and even reusable drinking straws, so your loved one won’t need to rely on one-use plastic utensils when out and about.

#5: Tea Pigs

According to the Express, in the UK we drink 165million cups of tea a day! That’s enough to fill twenty Olympic sized swimming pools.

About 96% of the tea we consume comes from tea bags, and around 25% of a standard tea bag is made using plastic. Manufacturers use polypropylene to seal the edges to keep each bag together when they’re dunked into the water. Therefore, your standard tea bag will never be able to fully biodegrade.

Meanwhile, the Tea Pigs brand is all about plastic-free options, and they don’t slack in the flavour department either! They have some fantastic blends available, which are concocted using herbs, flowers and spices. Standard peppermints and matcha green tea are available year-round, but they also do some excellent options for the festive season, such as spiced pear, chocolate orange and much more.

#6: Bee Hotel

The humble bee is critical to the cause of biodiversity. So much so that scientists now estimate that bees have a part to play in at least one-third of all the food we eat.

However, the sad fact remains that we’re seeing a rapid global decline of these wonderful species, through habitat loss and harmful agricultural chemicals.

That being said, there are a few things we can do, and if you’d like to give something a little different this Christmas, why not consider a bee hotel?

If you’re a bit of a dab hand in the carpentry department, why not even try your hand at making one for your loved ones?

#7: Give to a Good Cause on Their Behalf

There will be some that would much prefer you focus on causes they care about, rather than simply buying them a gift.

Whether it’s planting trees, helping recycling initiatives, or helping people in need, there are thousands of fantastic causes out there that need support – particularly given the year we’ve had.

If there’s not a cause that requires your physical input, then why not consider donating a few pounds to a cause close to the heart of your loved one.

#8: 4Ocean Bracelet

4Ocean has a simple mission, to do their part to help the ocean suffering from a plastic crisis. Their unique business model means that for every bracelet sold, they promise to remove one pound of plastic from the sea.

They use their profits to help grow their positive impact on the planet by investing in a range of environmental charities and causes.

Can you think of any other environmentally friendly festive gifts that you can share with us and our community?

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